Ninja Nuns of the Fifth Apocalypse

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Visually it's good but the soundtrack is a fine selling point.

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The fully restored image is excellent, as is the soundtrack. The Atmos track is engaging and visually it's a clear step up on the Blu-ray. The audio track is a knockout too. The 4K image is outstanding and the soundtrack is impressive. The audio track offers a fine listen too.

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Both the picture and sound are terrific. The less said about the film the better.

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This is UHD done extremely well. It does deliver fine picture and sound though. The film remains a titan of the sci-fi genre. The 4K presentation is strong, though there's no object-sound audio on the disc. The presentation is a solid one with a thudding track. The image is a decent upgrade, but the real gains are in the sound. Even Legacy. The film puts in a commendable performance in both picture and audio.

The image is impressive and John William's score soars. It's not much of an upgrade over the Blu-ray.

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The sound is terrific too. It's better than you might think, and the AV is top-notch.

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It's not as fresh, but serves up some spectacular action. Video quality is variable, but the audio tracks are a roaring success. No Dolby Vision, but it does come with an Atmos track. The 4K picture and Atmos track are surprisingly capable though. Looks and sounds spectacular in 4K and Atmos. The picture upgrade is nice, but the soundtracks excel.

It's a decent affair, though the AV quality offers little upgrade over the Blu-ray. The DTS:X track fares much better than the picture.

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The Atmos track offers good immersion. By far the best film he's made in years. The energetic Atmos soundtrack is the highlight.

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View at HMV. Features a DTS:X soundtrack.

The visual effects are impressive, but the story and characters less so. No object-based soundtrack, though. Ultimate Edition offers improvements but could have been much better. Jordan's Adonis Creed as he follows in the footsteps of late father Apollo.

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The IMAX scenes, in particular, are startingly good. The UHD quality is superb.

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  • The picture and audio are terrific and Will Smith is in fine form. No object-based audio here, but the 5. The HDR visuals are nice and the Atmos track is phenomenal. By showing the diverse ways in which we understand death, now and throughout our history, the book also shines a light on what it is to be human. Three years ago, Skye's brother Luka died in a high-school shooting. But Luka wasn't a victim — he was a shooter. Now, Skye must return to the town she had fled and face Jesse, her childhood crush and former best friend until the massacre tore them apart.

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