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Sexy! No no no: Can Naked Attraction’s balls-out attitude be a force for good?

He had assumed responsibility for his younger brother Martin when their parents died. Now Martin was getting married and he insisted that Darcy have a date for his wedding. Without Darcy's knowledge Martin goes looking for a date for his big brother in the personals. But he slips up and punches in the wrong number. Darcy reluctantly agrees to meet with Manly Ryan is the love of Darcy's life.

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He's come a long way in learning how to give up control and trust, but he's still holding onto the security of keeping his own place, which bothers Ryan. When Darcy's brother Martin comes to visit, Darcy's natural instinct is to bring his brother to his old apartment, instead of to the home he shares with Ryan. Ryan is hurt by this, thinking Darcy doesn't really Irresistible Something in Common, 4 by Talia Carmichael series Something in Common 4 Del Jenkins prefers to be alone—or so he tells himself until his younger brothers try to make him a playdate with bookstore owner Harper Hillman.

Del's brothers just want him to make a new friend, but there is no way he can be friends with Harper. Not unless Harper's definition of "friends" includes jumping into bed together and getting naked and sweaty.

When Harper turns him down flat because he Read more 1. Opposing Rhythms Impressions, 3 by Talia Carmichael series Impressions 3 When a man who makes interesting objects from the CD's of a musician he cannot abide the rhythm for meets him - the sparks are going to fly. Niall Hilton cringes whenever he hears music from a group that used to be his favorite until after their second album. In his opinion Roarke McBride - the bands lead singer and songwriter — is to blame for the loss of rhythm that had made the band great.

Sedonia Guillone is one of my favorite authors, and this novella did not disappoint. Afraid to tell his long time lover about a health concern, instead, he makes a bunch of excuses about going undercover and makes himself A Tender Roughness Impressions, 2 by Talia Carmichael series Impressions 2 Will the stubborn biker be able to resist the persuasive businessman, who could match him in all ways? Kincaid Vaughn knows what he likes in a man.

And the redheaded cowboy is so far from his usual type. When passion between them explodes, he goes with it. But he wakes to find that the man has left with no word, and that he is not just any cowboy, but Alistair James--brother to Kincaid's good Read more 2. The strong, sexy man sees him as nothing but an obligation, a burden he took on out of pity. He even calls Bernie "kid.

EP 01: Who is Annie Grace & What is a Naked Mind?

Tomas Rodriguez likes Bernie. He's a buddy, a friend. No matter what anyone says, there is nothing going on between them… or so he Read more 3. Reckless Behavior Impressions, 1 by Talia Carmichael series Impressions 1 Aidan Vaughn lets himself be swept into a night of passion with a sexy younger man. After their one night of pleasure, Aidan believes he's seen the last of him. But fate has other plans. The hot young man is crossing his path again and is making his intentions clear. Aidan considers him off limits, at least by his own rules. Yet, Aidan finds himself wondering…was once really enough?

Long Hard Ride Prentiss, 2 by Talia Carmichael series Prentiss 2 A widower who after years of being alone, is tempted by a man who he didn't know was wooing him. Paxton Lawson has rebuilt a life after losing his life partner.

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The story continues where we left Darcy and Ryan: trying to build a life together learning how to balance their power. In the first book, it was Darcy that learned the lesson, and now is time for Ryan. He has a problem with his former lover, he consciously realized that their relationship was ill but his body seems to have not yet reached the same conclusion. Plus Ryan fears to let Darcy take control, since the man is a natural Dom, and Ryan is scared that if he will taste also that type of power, he will never give it up again. Nor Ryan or Darcy want a total submission or a total dominion, in bed and in life.

What it really bothers me is that Ryan "cheats" on Darcy; oh, he technically didn't do that, but not talking with his partner, and seeking release to his desires with another man, for me is equal to a cheating. Even more, since Ryan is a sex therapist, and where a physical cheating is less important for him, a "mental" one is far more dangerous and deadly for their relationship.

Of the two, Ryan is the one to blame. It's true that, at the beginning of the book, Darcy seems reluctant to let go, to fully being involved in their relationship, but he is trying. Maybe he is not so fast, but on the other hand, Ryan never tried. He plunged in his error without even looking around for an alternative path.

So here is an example of a book where I like the story, but I don't fully like both characters; even if Ryan is a therapist, he has yet a lot to learn on how to make work a relationship, when he is one of the part involved. Feb 07, Trix rated it it was ok Shelves: bdsm , coming-out , mm-novels.

I was somewhat disappointed by the book. The impression left on after reading the "Deviations" series has stuck with me ever since and I can't help but compare any BDSM related story to the atmosphere and power play encountered there.

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Darcy came out as a fickle character, much too unsure and ambivalent. Throughout the book, he kept drawing then repelling Ryan, sometimes for the stupidest reason. As well, his reasons for going back to Ryan were jumbled together, lacking a more thorough analysis. If anything, Ryan seemed the most ok character, as I could follow his path of reasoning and course of action. Just like the subject of the story, this book could be perceived as a way to gradually glimpse in the world of BDSM but personally, I like that world a little bit more defined.

So Much More Than Naked 1 is so much less than good Aug 11, Drew rated it did not like it Shelves: mam-odloz. Guy needs a date for wedding, brother reply an ad, guy goes there, finds out there was a mistake and following conversation is idiotic, our hero explains the situation, the guy apparently isnt even listening and this is good dominant?

Never mind, try it with me, maybe I am better, come, I will show you my room with restrains" May 24, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: mm-read , zbattle-of-the-books , zzbotb-may , zzerotica-may-challenge , zzread-a-thon-challenge , zread-a-thon-challenge-may , zread-a-thon-ezopoly-challenge , m-m , serials-m-m. Pressured by his brother to find a date to his wedding, Darcy shows up at the address of a lady from the personal ads. However, it turns out to be a man and not a woman who answers the door.

Darcy is not gay and after having a drink with Ryan, leaves. However, Ryan haunts his dreams. This was a quick easy to read story which I enjoyed. There is a second book in the series which I will definitely read. Feb 15, Nemanja rated it liked it. Classical american commercial trash novel. If you can swallow unrealistic world of gorgeous well-hung men, pathetic lines of brotherly love and so-typical plot, not to mention gay stereotypes, you can enjoy couple of hours of not-so-bad porn In fact, sex scenes are the most elaborate part of this book Jul 24, CB rated it it was amazing.

A very entertaining story. Sexy characters, a unique story with some unexpected twists and very hot sex!

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Well worth the time and money. I look forward to reading more about these characters in the next book. Apr 22, Lynnebaby rated it did not like it. I really wanted to like it but it got pretty confusing without clarifiers in the paragraphs. All this talk of he, his, him didn't help me to know who was doing what.

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I think the idea was a nice one, but the execution fell through after the first chapter. So much more I enjoyed this book even though it felt a bit rushed and disjointed in a few areas. It was interesting to see how the MCs interacted with each other. I felt really bad for the brother and would love to know he finally got his HEA.

Jun 06, Faifully rated it really liked it. It's a good book, witch can be your stress relief.

A naked ambition

Dec 01, Aeryn added it. Highly recommend this book for anyone who has ever doubted why they got into a relationship in the first place. Jan 06, Maya rated it liked it. Jul 10, Ryoma Gartre marked it as not-going-to-read. Sep 21, ElaineY rated it liked it. This wasn't bad at all.